Thanks to the competences acquired in more than thirty years in the washing world, Dollmar Meccanica projects and produces tunnels for final washing.

The pieces that have to be washed should be placed, in the specific loading zone, on the conveyor belt at the service of the plant.

This conveyor belt is realized with closed loop, with the return section inserted in the underlying part of the spraying gallery.

The manual positioning of the pieces to be washed should be executed in order to take advantage of the productive potentiality of the washing tunnel. It permits to the washing solutions to drain easily from the pieces, avoiding the water stagnation, which would frustrate the complete drying process of the same pieces.

The components to treat pass through the above-mentioned conveyor belt, in the tunnel gallery where they come in contact in succession through spraying with the different solutions aimed to the completion of the foreseen cycle.

Once the pieces in transit are wet, the different solutions return due to gravity in the underlying tanks from which they have been collected.

Between the different treatment phases, drainage zones have foreseen in order to permit the dripping of the components after every single spraying phase.

Successively to the spraying tunnel, an oven with forced recycle of warm air has foreseen for the final drying of the pieces.

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