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Client: Arcore Produzioni Meccaniche



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apmA water and detergent washing system with a washing, rinsing and drying modules.

The firm

Arcore Produzione Meccaniche was founded by Alessandro Polini in the mid nineties, partially taking over sites, machinery and staff from the historic brand, Gilera.

Today this firm which has 35 employees deals with the manufacturing and assembling of high precision and quality mechanical components for the car industry.

APR S.r.l., a ISO /Vision 2000 certified firm, is specialized in the manufacturing of lightweight aluminium alloys though also deals with cast iron and brass.

The problem to be solved

The increase in production and the installation of a new whole oil tool machine induced APM to research a new and more powerful washing system to connect to the transfer machines for larger lots.

The firm also requires that the washing system carry out the whole cycle without the particulars having to go through laborious intermediary phases using solvents.

The solution

APM decided to entrust the research for a suitable solution for its specific needs and quality standards to Dollmar for the chemical products and Finep for the systems.

Technicians are orientated towards a water and detergent system with washing, rinsing and drying modules which can carry out a combined wash by “spraying” or “immersion”.

The Finep F14 x 2/3 system is personalized so as to optimize the process with the integration of an spin-type oil extraction system.

The APM firm is fully satisfied with the technical and chemical competences shown by Dollmar and Finep technicians and by the excellent value for money ratio.

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