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Client: Copra snc



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The company

Founded in 1978 in Valmaggia, the company Copra is engaged in the taps field adding to an engineering reality booming throughout the Valsesia, expanding its reach also to components for the most varied sectors of high-precision products, made from bars of any material and with diameters from 4 to 65 mm, with the possibility of also get to 100-120 mm. The numerous machine tools, CNC lathes bimandrini (simple and three turrets), CNC lathes and multi-spindle sliding head lathes, work materials such as brass and all its alloys, aluminum, copper, bronze, various stainless steels and titanium-up to plastic materials.

The problem to solve

The presence of foam in the collection of high-pressure pumps tanks, presence of deposits and residues, resulting in loss of oil characteristic itself and subsequent fall of process performance and tool wear: some of the reasons that led Copra to search an oil which could improve the machining process taking under control the wear of the tools.

The solution

Dedicated to the production of metal products which require the removal of chips, the range of neat oils MotulTech Supraco, distributed in Italy by Dollmar, fits a wide range of applications: turning, drilling, threading, tapping, milling, broaching, cutting and so on. The one adopted by Copra, the 4018, specifically formulated to withstand extreme stress generated by intensive use (temperature, pressure spray, feed rate) has brought positive results with a 30% reduction in tool wear, optimized production capacity in relation to the specific contract and loading machine with an eye towards the environment.

Extract from “Macchine Utensili” – 2015