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Date: 21/09/2018

Tags: lavaggio minuteria, lavorazione dei metalli, lubrificanti, prodotti per la meccanica, sgrassaggio minuteria metallica

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The company

Brembomatic produces small metal parts in various ferrous and non-ferrous materials. The Pontirolo Nuovo plant (BG) expands on a surface of more than 13,000 m². The wide range of machinery is made up of CNC automatic lathes, machining centers and sliding headstock lathes, able to carry out workings from 4 to 250 mm in diameter.

The meeting with Dollmar

Brembomatic relies on an optimized process and high performance, able to guarantee high quality standards. This is where Dollmar comes into play, always focused on creating value for its customers. In the specific case of Brembomatic, Dollmar has introduced a wide portfolio of industrial chemicals and lubricants, as well as chemical and environmental analyzes and steady technical support.

The first collaboration was born due to a special processing dedicated to the automotive sector on a numerical control lathe with a capacity of 3,000 liters of oil. The Dollmar proposal was a new generation MotulTech lubricant, the Supracut EVO 330. This particular oil dedicated to the machining of medium-high hardness metals has been able to guarantee a lasting performance, without the creation of oily mists and in full compliance with the current regulations.

Brembomatic has after this introduced in its production process also spindles, hydraulic, slideway and emulsifying oils of the MotulTech lines. As for its customers, Brembomatic has chosen to have a single interface both for the supply of cooling lubricants and for the whole range of related products. Therefore, Dollmar provides the entire package of lubricants, degreasing products, washing solvents, protective and antibacterial agents.

What made the relationship between Dollmar and Brembomatic a real strategic partnership was the continuous presence of Dollmar technicians in order to guarantee a high level of performance for all Brembomatic production processes.

Extract from Macchine Utensili Magazine - September 2018