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05_IMG_4406An optimal cleaning technique with detergents for parts with a complex morphology “The main difficulty in cleaning this type of products”, Tesauri continues, “arises from the particular morphology of valves and distributors: Although from the outside they may seem simple products with blind holes, they also have internal grooves and protrusions that make them diffi cult to clean with water and detergents.

To meet this challenge, we turned to Dollmar Meccanica, a company based in Caleppio di Settala (MI, Italy) that we already knew because it had supplied us with the previous systems, too.

We needed a cleaning plant able to wash various types of products with water and detergents while ensuring a high quality result. It was not an easy task, but now we can say we are on track to achieve our goal”.

“The choice to always provide high quality products even in the most difficult times proved to be winning for our company. Many customers have chosen us as their suppliers precisely for this reason. That is why the cleaning process is strategic to our success: it enables us to improve our quality level.”

An effective cleaning solution for any type of component

The system installed at Davoli & Tesauri is an FT12 single-chamber type, featuring a hydrokinetic cleaning

process. Once the process starts with a first spray cleaning stage, during which the cleaning chamber is

filled for the subsequent immersion stage. This combined process (spray and immersion), together with the rotation of the parts inside the chamber, enables the filling and emptying of the holes with the liquid and ensures a more eff ective removal of the machining residues from the surface of the valve body or of the distributor. The degreasing stage is followed by the rinsing one – not with pure water, since the cast iron parts would oxidise easily, but with a 1% passivating agent. The hot air drying occurs in the same chamber”. The pollutant removed, that is, emulsions, scraps and chips, is then evacuated. The detergent and water solution is recirculated in two tanks that work in a continuous cycle and are equipped with fi ltration systems for the solid particles. The evaporated water is continually replaced.

For more information on the washing system or to know more about the applications of cleaning solutions tailored by Dollmar Meccanica do not hesitate to contact our offices at or at +39 02 950961273

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