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Client: RCM Gruppo Tacconi


Tags: automotive, impianti di lavaggio alta pressione, lavaggio mirato, lavaggio turbine, turbine

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RCM was born in 1973 as a manufacturer of mechanical parts for the automotive industry in the district of Bologna.

In 2007 he joined the Fonderie Officine Meccaniche Tacconi Group, specialized in the casting of cast iron and stainless steel. RCM covers an area of 13,000 square meters consisting of 9 sheds divided between manufacturing, assembly, testing and maintenance of components. RCM’s range of products includes turbines, engine heads, differentials, car and motorcycle frames.

The importance of washing

RCM puts the machined parts washing at the center of the production cycle. Equipped with 19 final and interoperational washing plants, the company has recently solved the problem of cast iron turbines washing. The turbines, once they left the foundry, may have particles of sand even after various mechanical machining and manual deburring. Therefore, the RCM engineers sought a solution that would enable them to achieve the high level of cleaning required by the automotive industry, providing a residual particle size below 600 microns.

The perfect washing solution

The cast iron turbine washing system had to remove chips and residues of lubricating oil, and also protect the turbines from corrosion. In addition, the shape of the spiral inside the turbine required high-pressure internal flushing with focused jets. Dollmar Meccanica has designed a carousel washing system with targeted jets at pre-set pressures. Through two pads equipped with nozzles that close the sides of the spiral creating a kind of barrier to allow the nozzles to enter the spiral and run a
high pressure wash. Since the holes are closed, the spiral fills with water and the liquid can be directed towards the only outlet path represented by the holes present on one of the two sides.

RCM aims at giving its cleaning systems the same importance of any machine tool, increasing the number of their interoperational cleaning plants, which contribute to optimal results, and cooperating even more closely with cleaning solution specialists such as Dollmar Meccanica.

Extract from ICT – Industrial Cleaning Technologies july/august 2017