Category: Lubricants

Client: BM Spa

Date: 01/12/2017

Tags: connettori elettrici, morsetteria

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The company

Founded in 1958 in Milan by Bertoletti Mario, BM Group started its production with electrical connection elements and crimp connection systems. In 1972 they moved to Rozzano (MI) and in 1978 opened the second plant. Their product catalog extended with the whole range of multi-pole clamps.

The problem to be solved

High-performance production processes optimization together with an healthy environment. High oily mist in the production department and continuous maintenance of multifunction machine tools (production of copper and brass clamps).

The solution

Dollmar and MotulTech have identified a chlorine and sulfur-free neat oil in the Profiline range that has totally reduced the presence of oily mist in the production department.
The main characteristics of the Profiline oil also allow an excellent detergency in the production machine tools together with an estimated reduction of 30% in replacement / maintenance of the filters, compared to the products previously used.

An increase in tool life of around 20% completes the benefit of the new solution adopted by BM Group.
Thanks to the satisfaction of these results, BM Group has replaced all the other lubricants with the MotulTech range: the soluble oil used in the production of copper rods (previous strong smell from the tanks due to bacterial proliferation), moulding oil for copper tubes production and hydraulic oils.