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The arms factory Pietro Beretta, italian company known worldwide, was founded at the beginning of the sixteenth century in the heart of Val Trompia, where he is currently structured in elementary production units distributed along the Mella river, which divides the assembly unit and the stock of finished products by the Department of heat treatment and raw materials.

For logistical needs in 2007 they have completely reorganized the production flow and logic of production, reducing dramatically the distances that the product ran through the warehouse of raw materials up to the assembly.

By having optimized time and costs, they decided to invest in updating production facilities, including the Dollmar Meccanica washing plant for cleaning the receivers.

The receiver is one of the most complex parts from the point of view of the finish; made of steel or light alloy, has a partly glossy finish obtained by mirror polishing and a matte finish obtained by manual or semi-automatic sandblasting. Before the finishing stage the receiver is subjected to a grinding process with organic oils. Finish quality depends a lot from the washing of the pieces after grinding, since the oil is condensed in some small blind holes and it is important that it is perfectly eliminated.

The Dollmar Meccanica plant is a washing system combined spray and immersion using water and detergent. The first phase of the cycle is spray washing, which follows the immersion with rotational movement of the baskets containing the parts to be cleaned; after completing the washing cycle follows the drying with forced recirculation of air and under vacuum. The interaction between the mechanical action of the spray and the kinetic during the immersion joined to the chemical action of the detergent ensures the perfect level of cleanliness required for the subsequent treatments. The plant washes an average of 200/250 receivers per day on two shifts with washing cycles of 15 minutes.

The choice of Dollmar Meccanica’s washing system does not come only from the need of high levels of cleanliness but also for the respect for the environment that Dollmar Meccanica follows while designing its systems.

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This is an extract from “ICT Supplemento a IPCM n°7” – 2015