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Client: Rastelli Raccordi



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The company

The company Rastelli Raccordi, established in 1952 in Villanterio (PV), is a world leader in the production of linear and curved fittings for the sector of high-pressure hydraulics. Constantly expanding, Rastelli Raccordi stakes on high-quality products acquiring a safety homologation considerably superior to the necessary standard for the hydraulic sector. Working in two shifts, Rastelli produces about 250 thousands fittings each day, controlled one by one from the operators.

The problem to solve

The components are produced through two different processing techniques.
The hexagonal or round bars are worked through multi-spindle machines, for which it is necessary to use an entire oil.
At the same time, the rest of the production is worked though transfer machines where emulsion oil is used.
Moreover, during the washing phase, the pieces cannot be overturned due to a particular thread that can be in some way damaged in case of contact with other components.

The solution

After different evaluations regarding the solution that would give the better result of cleaning and protection with less environmental impact, the company Rastelli Raccordi has opted for the installation of two washing machines. Their model is RDV and work with water and detergents, whether at atmospheric pressure or under-vacuum and can remove both the entire oil and the emulsion one projected from Dollmar Meccanica.
The machines have three different washing cycles, for which they use a Dollclean product-line developed from the holding company Dollmar Spa.
The correct mix between washing and product permits Rastelli to maintain a constant pH in the baths of galvanization and to have continuity in the results.