Dollmar Group has been working for years on the question of elimination of polluting agents produced during operations where it is necessary to use chemical products like solvents.

The quantity of solvents necessary to use in the washing plants are well known. However, the problem of diffused emissions is much more difficult to control. This leads to an economic loss and an inevitable impact on the quality of the environment and the working place.

Safety Doll System is composed by:

Safety FX The Safety FX plummet tube is in stainless steel. When applied to the standard shaft this permits closed circuit working during the pouring of the solvent. It is supplied with PVC plasticized tubing with a steel strengthening coil (2cm internal diameter and 2.8 cm external diameter), two joints and connected tube-tightening bands

2) Safety GT inox steel made component,with overflow floating device and vent valve, which, when applied to the standard 200L. drum by a coupling, allows to operate in a closed cycle during the emptying operations of the exhausted solvent. This element must be used with a pump.

3) Safety Box is a drum container made of galvanized steel with openable top lid with dedicated rod and safety tub

4) Secure Box  A system that allows to manipulate the solvent from the drum to the plant completely safety with no emissions in the working place

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