Dollmar Meccanica projects and produces continuous tunnel of pretreatment

In the gallery of treatment, the supply of the pieces take place through distributed jets in an adequate mode to cover completely the pieces.

The spraying nozzles in MOLPEN and of blade type are for the phospho-degreasing sector and for the following washing processes. The type of nebulizer at hollow cone is for the conversion sector. All the nozzles are orientable and can be easily dismantled for the maintenance or substitution operations.

The ramps and the nozzles are supplied by centrifugal electrical pumps in stainless metal sheet AISI 316L of horizontal type with mechanical seal.

On the supply pipes of the electrical pumps, a pressure gauge has been foreseen with its related L-type butterfly valve for the regulation of the spraying pressure. Another valve of the same type has been installed on the pump discharge. The two valves permit the removal of the pump, avoiding the emptying of the basin.

In the entrance zone of the gallery where the vapors has developed and been produced from the phospho-degreasing bath, a hood has been foreseen and composed of an electrical fan for the captation of aqueous vapors.

Under the treatment gallery Nr. 4 basins containing the solution of treatment have been foreseen.
Every basin is composed of removable covers placed on the offshoot situated external to the gallery.

For every basin, the following accessories have been foreseen:

–    Netting filter at protection of the pump.
–    Door for the cleaning in stainless steel AISI 304.
–    Automatic control of the bath level at three phases.
–    Ball valve for water loading.
–    Ball valve for bottom spillway.

The heating of the phospho-degreasing bath will take place though an external heat exchanger.

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