impianto a rampe mobili
This pre-treatment system, thanks to the application of special ramps that move in a continuous manner, allows the treatment with high accuracy of working pieces with different shapes.


The pre-treatment plant is a compact and extremely versatile product as it is perfectly suitable to work not only big pieces but also sheet metal, panels and molded cases of normal dimensions is properly placed on handling trucks.


The movable ramp washing system also allows to:

1. Degrease big workpieces

2. Replace every manual action

3. Eliminate any contact with products that are hazardous for the working environment

4. Work pieces, metal sheets, panels and molded of different sizes

5. Wash perfectly pieces of complex shapes thanks to the use of movable ramps

6. Achieve excellent results with short washing cycles

The system performs several actions on the treated parts:

a) chemical action due to the use of detergents in aqueous solution

b) mechanical action due to the spraying pressure

c) thermal action by heating of the bath containing the cleaning solution

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