Burnishing and phosphation plants

impianto a carroThe plant is planned to realize different cleaning phases to protect the metallic surface from external factors, such as the effects of corrosion. The components to wash will be positioned manually by the operator in the baskets piece-holder, over the frame placed on the loading area.

After laid down in the first basin, the degreasing process of the pieces will start at a temperature of 50°C. During this phase, the polluting substances will be deleted from the surfaces of the pieces and they will stay afloat at the border level of the basin.

An automatic mechanism will then permit the translation of the baskets in order to proceed with the following selected phases. More precisely, 1° washing, pickling, 2° washing (at ambient temperature) will follow each other. After these cycles, will start the burnishing process.

The operator can regulate the timing and temperatures of every bath. After the end of the above-quoted cleaning phases, the last oiling phase will follow. The de-watering oils will be used in order to protect the pieces permitting them a major time durability. The pieces can be stored in warehouse in long-term period, maintaining their proprieties or eventually varnished on behalf of third parties.