Automatic fitting system for stainless steel fittings and metal pipes designed according to the needs of the fittings market.


The washed components are placed on tailor-made frames and placed manually by the operator on a wagon sleeper, placed outside the segregation. From the loading area, the frames will be pushed inside the plant, where they will run longitudinally on wheels and their tracks to be later transposed into various closed loop tanks.

The frames will continue their path inside the passivation tunnel. The passivation solution will be taken from a tank (placed under the tunnel) and sprayed through the nozzles. The jets will be evenly distributed to completely cover the structure of the components and ensure the degreasing level required.

At the end of the washing steps, a final drying step will follow. The frames will be hooked on hanger-frames to the air conveyor.

The offer is made complete by the products of the parent company Dollmar Spa.

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