As a result of the long experience in the mechanical component washing industry, Dollmar Meccanica designs equipment for the picking of aluminum components.

The cycle is completely closed and the total duration of treatment is 10 minutes. Cycle times are however adjustable based on the desired results. You can directly change the timer settings via an electrical panel.

The operator will manually position the components to be treated in a hexagonal basket. The latter will be transplanted into the plant thanks to a robot that will allow automatic movement, both horizontal and vertical.

After performing load operations, the start of the workpiece cycle begins. The first bathtub provides treatment with nitric acid by immersion of the portable baskets. Inorganic acid will thus remove metallic oxides in general (eg rust). Following a dripping, a first wash with water will be carried out. These two tanks will later be found for greater alternate position cleaning. Also in the middle will be a soda wash for alkaline degreasing.

The capacity of the tanks varies according to the needs of the final customer. In the two water wash basins there is a continuous renewal of the water.

Dollmar Meccanica designs the aluminum picking plants and, thanks to the support of the parent company Dollmar Spa, produces and supplies pickling products according to the different cleaning needs required.

Thanks to our advanced technologies, your aluminum pieces can continue to shine!

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