CRS Cristina Rubinetterie

Founded in 1949 by Ezio Cristina, Cristina Rubinetterie began as a small familiar company to become today a point of reference for the “Made in Italy” in the fittings sector. Located in Piedmont, in the industrial district of Italian taps, it has always been linked to the decision not to relocate. This feature brings the […]


A water and detergent washing system with a washing, rinsing and drying modules. The firm Arcore Produzione Meccaniche was founded by Alessandro Polini in the mid nineties, partially taking over sites, machinery and staff from the historic brand, Gilera. Today this firm which has 35 employees deals with the manufacturing and assembling of high precision […]

Kramer Italia

The Company Founded in 1974, Kramer Italy produces components for the heating sector, hydraulics and renewable energy. About 700 tons per year manufactured and submitted to the process of washing and removal of chippings and pollutants. “To be competitive and guarantee also high quality, our equipment and our machines are always technologically advanced while maintaining […]

Davoli e Tesauri

An optimal cleaning technique with detergents for parts with a complex morphology “The main difficulty in cleaning this type of products”, Tesauri continues, “arises from the particular morphology of valves and distributors: Although from the outside they may seem simple products with blind holes, they also have internal grooves and protrusions that make them diffi […]


Inter-operational pre and post nitriding washing and pre-treatment: Brevini’s experience The firm Brevini Power Transmission is an important group in Reggio Emilia made up of a number of firms. It produces power transmitters which export worldwide and is in 4th position in the international classification of the sector. Its reducers are destined to those sectors […]


The arms factory Pietro Beretta, italian company known worldwide, was founded at the beginning of the sixteenth century in the heart of Val Trompia, where he is currently structured in elementary production units distributed along the Mella river, which divides the assembly unit and the stock of finished products by the Department of heat treatment […]


A decisive and correct degreasing and conversion action in iron, aluminium and zinc surfaced pre-painting treatments. The firm Vega is an important firm in Prado Cura Carpignano in the province of Pavia. It was founded in 1940 and since then has dealt with liquid and powder painting, galvanization treatments and pre-treatments for ferrous and non-ferrous […]

TTN Group

Inter-operational washing with aqueous based detergents in the thermal pre-treatment of metal pieces. The firm The TTN Group (Trattamenti Termici Nervianesi) in the province of Milan ihas been specializing in heat treatments and in the supplying of forged and rolled material for over 25 years. Finep’s system solution and Dollmar aqueous based products For the […]


From the trichloroethylene tank to the detergent washing plant: the technological and environmental change in the treatment of surfaces for third parties. The firm Verniciatura Carrara is specialized in the realization of surface treatments for third parties. It combines its own traditional craftsmanlike care in the treatment field – washing, pre-treatment and painting – with […]

Selva Antonio & C.

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