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Inter-operational washing with aqueous based detergents in the thermal pre-treatment of metal pieces.

The firm

The TTN Group (Trattamenti Termici Nervianesi) in the province of Milan ihas been specializing in heat treatments and in the supplying of forged and rolled material for over 25 years.
Finep’s system solution and Dollmar aqueous based products

For the inter-operational phase of the washing which is between the mechanical working of the two parts and the welding itself, the firm installed a Finep washing system.

Inside the washing chamber, thanks to the installation of the piece-holder basket with a rotating movement and the application of a series of sprays, a wash was obtained that guaranteed excellent results in terms of chemical, thermal and mechanical efficiency.

At the end of the washing phase a blowing and drying group equipped with an electro-ventilator and relative heat exchanger began working.

Despite the fact that the piece washing phase is an inter-operational part of the working cycle of the firm, it is important that this process guarantees an accurate cleansing so that smoke and carbon-like residues do not develop on the surfaces which must then be welded.

By applying the Finep washing system, TTN was able to use for this phase a Dollmar chemical water-based product, Dollclean: PS 231®.

Dollclean PS 231® is an alkaline passivating degreaser for spray applications at a temperature of between 40 and 60°c which permits to obtain:

  • degreasing and protection of the treated piece
  • passivating effect of the treated piece
  • reduction of the environmental pollution
  • respect of the safety regulations in force in the workplace.