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Metalwasher Washing and pre-treatment of metal articles with Finep moving ramp plants.

The Firm

The Ravasio Antonia firm in San Paolo d’Argon (BG) has been working in the anti-corrosives field for around thirty years. It carries out washing, pre-treatment, sandblasting, metallization and painting for companies operating in various fields such as: petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plant engineering, alimentary, naval, press, glassworks, marble works and woodworks.

The problem to be solved

In the anti-corrosive field treatment of pieces has a double function: protective and aesthetic.

Ravasio Antonia, working for companies of different sectors, must be able to respond with great flexibility to the clients’ many needs regarding size, shape and typology of the pieces to be treated; furthermore it must be able to deal with different working cycles and to meet urgent requests.

Many treated articles will spend their lives outdoors: for this reason they must be corrosive resistant and have a perfect finishing quality.

So as to guarantee optimum treatment effectiveness, the company degreases the pieces with a phosphodegreasing and gritting plant. From here they go on to the painting cabin and hence to static ovens.

The solution: Finep moving ramp washing plants

As far as the washing is concerned, Ravasio Antonia has equipped itself with a Finep moving ramp metalwasher: this particular washing plant which was specially designed for the Client’s needs, is able to remove completely oils, chemical waters and contaminates present on the pieces.

The Finep moving ramp washing plant, which works with Dollmar detergent products in the aqueous phase, is equipped with:

  • a piece holder trolley
  • ten moving ramps
  • 440 nozzles
  • stainless steel tanks
  • hot blast pipe heat exchangers
  • special extension to treat bigger pieces.

The new Finep moving ramp plant permits:

  • to eliminate use of solvents
  • to wash pieces as long as 6 metres
  • to use low environmental impact chemical products from the Dollphos and Dollclean lines
    to speed up execution
  • to reduce operative times
  • to wash up to 800 pieces per day.

Extract from “Lavaggio industriale”