Pneumatic components: Success history

Pneumax was founded in the early seventies in Lurano, becoming over the years one of the major leaders in the production of pneumatic automation components. Today, the Lurano plant covers 94,000 m² divided into different units. Pneumax components are today distributed throughout the world in an increasing number of industrial sectors where systems for handling […]

Work with us

Now available new job opportunities for Dollmar Meccanica. Discover the one that fits you in our “Work with us” Dept.  

BM Spa: The perfect lubrification for metalworking

The company Founded in 1958 in Milan by Bertoletti Mario, BM Group started its production with electrical connection elements and crimp connection systems. In 1972 they moved to Rozzano (MI) and in 1978 opened the second plant. Their product catalog extended with the whole range of multi-pole clamps. The problem to be solved High-performance production […]

One source for machining and cleaning agents

Dollmar Meccanica presents a new successful case: Copra, a company known in the Italian plumbing district, has chosen Dollaro as the sole supplier for lubricants and washing agents. New dedicated drum, optimal product for use in any washing plant, a long-term collaboration. These are the pillars of an all-Italian success story. READ THE ARTICLE IN […]

Railtech Conference

The Railtech conference will be held on February 13th starting at 09.00 in the Onice Room in Florence. The conference is dedicated to increasing productivity and reducing throughput time for the corrosion protection of railway rolling stock. The set of latest generation technologies and products will then be presented. During the conference, Dollmar will present […]


Dollmar Meccanica offre un servizio completo di ritiro e revisione degli impianti lavametalli a solventi. Con un team dedicato al revamping delle macchine siamo in grado di rimettere a nuovo la tua lavametalli. Attualmente abbiamo disponibili a magazzino i seguenti impianti lava metalli usati: – Impianto lava metalli Delfino Mod. LM 350 M funzionante a […]

The targeted washing of cast iron turbines

Dollmar Meccanica, thanks to the experience in the field of industrial washing, is proud to present a new success story. The Tacconi Group’s RCM company has chosen Dollmar Meccanica technology to remove machining chips, degrease and protect cast iron turbines according to the automotive industry’s very strict requirements in terms of quality. The system that […]

UNI EN ISO Certificate

Dollmar Meccanica is pleased to announce the achievement of the Quality Management System Certification in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. Managing quality means managing the efficiency of your processes through: Knowledge, management and monitoring of processes The ability to engage human resources The central role of the top management company Download the Certificate

Case study: Perfect washing of printed brass

Dollmar Meccanica is proud to present one of its latest achievements in the field of industrial cleaning: washing plant for printed brass for optimum degreasing and oxidation protection. Read the full article in the section of the cases of success: MG Meccanica

Dollmar Group at MECSPE 2017

Big news are coming for the mechanical engineering world during this 2017 edition of Mecspe fair in Parma. Dollmar group will present innovations in both washing systems and products. During the fair, from March 23 to the 25th, Dollmar Meccanica will propose a multi-stage ultrasonic immersion cleaning system working with water-based solutions optimized for the […]