27/06/2014 – It ‘just started a collaboration with Bichimica Srl, the only distributor for fluorinated solvents produced by Arkema SA in Italy to start distribution of a range of innovative products, non-flammable and non-ozone depleting.





As third generation hydrofluorocarbons, Forane®365mfc/227ea blends (87/13 and 93/7) are the ideal replacements for R-141b for rigid foam blowing agent needs. Forane® 365mfc/227ea blends have zero ozone depletion potential and boiling point similar to HCFC 141b, thus they can be handled as a true liquid at room temperature. While the straight Forane® 365mfc has a flash point, Arkema offers two different blends that have no flash point and are not subject to flammable liquid regulation.

Forane® 365mfc Forane® 365 HX Forane® 365 SV

used as base material

 Blenad of HFC 365mfc
and HFC 4320mee
 Forane® 365 HX containing
500ppm of hydrophilic additive
APPLICATION  Base product for use in blends  Base product for use
in blends.
Particle removal.
Drying/ Rinsing
BOILING POINT  40°C  42°C 42°C
VAPOR PRESSURE  0.53 bar  0,53 bar 0.53 bar
DENSITY (LIQUID)  1.334 1.28 1.28
FLASH POINT  -24°             None None
 HFC 365mfc≥ 99,7%
by weight
 HFC 365≥ 70% by weight
4310mee ≤ 25% by weight
 HFC 365≥ 70%  by weight, HFC
4310mee ≤ 25% by weight with a
hydrophilic additive, SV at 500ppm +/-50ppm

Forane® 365 HX is a less aggressive solvent than 141b, so it is even more compatible with materials itnormally encounters; however, in the most difficult cases, this lower solvent power as special metals, plastic and glass.


  • Precision and electronic components cleaning
  • Cooling and Refrigeration
  • Phenolic foams
  • Polyisocyanurate boardstock foam
  • Polyurethane foam systems

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