Summer Closing

(Italiano) Si avvisano i gentili clienti che dal 09 al 22 agosto inclusi, gli uffici di Dollmar Meccanica rimarranno chiusi per ferie. 

Metalwashers DM Logica Series

Among Dollmar Meccanica washing plants, DM Logica Series represent the rational and effective solution that assure excellent results for the typical mechanical processing. These models are characterized by the union of different washing solutions (spray, immersion, steams) and work with super-stabilized perchloroethylene (Soltene and Pertal line). For any component to treat, Logica series offers the […]

IBS Analysis Srl

IBS Analysis Srl is a service company operating in the environmental field, and deals specifically with: Consultations made to acquire environmental authorizations Management standards specified in environmental authorizations Measurement of emission chimneys Chemical investigations in workplaces, aimed at assessing the level of exposure of workers Evaluation of noise and measurement of noise levels in the […]

Motul SA

      Motul SA, a French industrial group spread worldwide, for more than 150 years produces high-performance lubricants. Through MotulTech division develops a line of lubricants for the industry: Lubricants for machining and processing of metals Heat treatment lubricants Lubricants for industrial equipment Dollmar Mechanics is the exclusive distributor on the Italian territory of […]