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From manual washing with solvent to automatic washing with aqueous formulas: a radical change benefiting quality and the environment.

The firm

Metalcolor, an important firm with headquarters in Dresano, in the province of Milan, deals with washing and painting with thermo-hardening powders of metal articles (signs, fences, gates) for commercial, industrial and residential structures.

So as to obtain maximum corrosion resistance, some articles are prepared with a gritting effect in metal micro-spheres, hence wire galvanized and then powder finished: this type of treatment known as metallization is only done by seven firms in the Lombardy area.

This procedure allows to obtain optimum corrosion resistance and a lifespan of the product of up to fifty years.

The problem to solve

With the due date at hand for the reduction of solvent emission, the firm took the opportunity to solve some important issues:

  • safety and hygiene in the workplace
  • atmospheric pollution caused by use of solvents
  • the washing, until then done by hand, meant that it was not possible to paint with¬†safety and did not give lasting and homogeneous results.

Dollmar and Finep solutions

Taking the future reduction of solvent emission as an opportunity, Metalcor installed in its production plant a cart washing facility and applied a water based detergent system.

The washing facility designed by Finep is preset for an automatic two cycle treatment that foresees a phospho-degreasing phase and a washing phase, both hot.

The acquisition of the Dollmar solution allowed the firm to obtain a complete procedure that guarantees maximum production efficacy and a considerable reduction in the impact on the environment.

It is furthermore important to underline that, choosing Dollmar, Metalcor now has a new interlocutor for the washing facility and for the chemical products used in its own production process.

Extract from “Lavaggio industriale”