Dollmar Meccanica projects and develops painting equipment of Finep line, characterized by automatic processes and dedicated to pretreatment, coating and drying phases:

  • verniciaturafully automatic systems for small parts coating  in series and for finishing treatment of large artefacts
  • phosphodegreasing and painting plants in continuous, in discontinuous with the application of powder or liquid coatings
  • immersion painting plants with cataphoresis
  • pressurized cabins and suction grids complete with abatement towers
  • drying ovens in continuous and static


Dollmar Meccanica today focuses on the use of robots in painting in plants of any dimensions, convinced that in Finep solutions should be included automatic equipment to ensure higher product quality at lower costs.

The robots are produced in a wide range, differentiated by type, size and programming so that it is possible to find the robot suitable for each use. Some robots are placed exclusively in line and dedicated only to the painting phase, others could have different tasks inside a process, executing alternatively manipulation and painting.

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