A decisive and correct degreasing and conversion action in iron, aluminium and zinc surfaced pre-painting treatments.



The firm

Vega is an important firm in Prado Cura Carpignano in the province of Pavia. It was founded in 1940 and since then has dealt with liquid and powder painting, galvanization treatments and pre-treatments for ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The problem to solve

From the point of view of the development of company activity, Vega has had to adapt to the needs of its clients who demand higher quality standards on the treated articles.

Moreover, within the firm there was an increasing desire to safeguard more carefully the health of the collaborators and the surrounding area with special regard to the environment.

From these two principles sprang the desire to install a phospho-degreasing and pickling system so as to be able to carry out to best the pre-treatment phase before painting, at the same time paying maximum attention to the impact on the evironment.

The Dollmar Group solution

Vega’s choice fell on the integrated system of products and systems proposed by Gruppo Dollmar: Dollmar Meccanica for plant and Dollmar for low-impact products suitable for the surface treatments.
It is precisely this possibility to have a single interlocutor for the supplying of chemical products, for the installation of the system and for the technical assistance, both chemical and environmental, that led Vega to choose Dollmar’s Group integrated offer.

Hence, a Finep phospho-degreasing system was installed composed of a four-phase pre-treatment tunnel completed by the drying oven connected by air conveyor.
Finep’s pre-treatment is able to carry out the following operations:

  • phospho-degreasing at 50-60°c
  • first rinse with system water at 50-60°c
  • rinsing with demineralised room temperature water (only for aluminium pieces)
  • hot air drying

In the painting pre-treatment cycle Dollmar degreasing products are used, depending on the piece to be treated:

  • Dollclean AS 420 – an alkaline spray degreaser for ferrous materials
  • Dollphos SC 181 – a spray degreaser for iron, aluminium and galvanized at medium-high temperatures
  • Dollclean AD 101 – a phospho-activator and pH acid corrector

Estratto da “Lavaggio industriale” – Giugno 2005.

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