Overturned tunnel conveyor washing plant and detergent water based formulas for pressed brass washing.



The Company

Isval – Industria Stampaggio Valtrompia (Pressing Industry) – with headquarters in the Brescia province, works and presses brass and copper and white lead pieces for heating and refrigeration sectors, taps and fittings, industrial machines, locks, beverage distribution and automobile distribution.

30% of the production is to be found in Italy whilst 70% is distributed to foreign markets above all Canada and The United States.

The problem to solve

From the necessity to submit to passivation treated pieces and the company’s concern regarding the environmental impact came the idea of installing a plant which would work with aqueous solution detergents.

The Dollmar Group solution

The old style solvent washing machine previously in use was replaced by a Finep tunnel washing plant working on water based systems.

The new overturned transporter plant is composed of 9 working cycles:

  • loading
  • antechamber
  • first hot wash
  • draining
  • second hot wash
  • compressed air bowing
  • draining
  • drying
  • unloading

The pieces to be treated are placed on piece holder pans which, with a wheelbase of 300mm move forward through an overturned conveyor.

Each pan is equipped with a cross to rotate the pieces by clicks of 90° so as to alternate the two couples of faces to the mechanical action of water and air jets, during the spraying, blowing and drying phases.