eurofluidSubstitution of cleaning equipment to obtain better quality performance: an industrial experience in the oleodynamic field.




The firm

Eurofluid Hydraulic of Borzano di Albinea (RE) is specialized in industrial production, cleaning and painting of oleodynamic blocks in aluminium and cast iron.

The cast iron blocks are destined in particular to the heavy industry area (for pressures superior to 200 bars), those in aluminium to are used where the pressure is inferior (up to 200 bars).

The firm deals mostly with the international market offering above all cast iron components.

The problem to solve

The firm washes and paints pieces in cast iron using chemical products of low environmental impact: aqueous detergents and paints. The pre-existing cleaning equipment was no longer aligned with the requested quality standards.

One of the main problems was the resettling of cast iron dust on the surface of the pieces characterized by a high strength capacity due to the corrosive primer.

The analysis, carried out by Dollmar to evaluate a possible solution, underlined the necessity to redefine the entire process from both a chemical and an equipment viewpoint.

Hence from the need for a better surface passivation and adhesion to the successive painting phase, the collaboration with Dollmar came about.

The solution

The use of two new generation nanotechnological chemical products during the final washing phase: an alkaline passivation and a chrome-free adhesion adjuvant.

The new cleaning equipment supplied by Dollmar has three tanks with continuous filters in which the following phases are carried out: cleaning, passivation, rinsing and conversion of the surface to improve adhesion of the following painting phase.

Extract by “Lavaggio Industriale” 2007


Nanotecnology for Eurofluid Hydraulic
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