Dollmar experience at the service of Cometal, a firm specialized cometalin the realization of special turning machines.

Cometal was founded in 1980 as a firm specializing in the realization of special brass turning machines, first for the tap and valve industries and later in the heating field and anti-explosion and electronic links.

The firm is presently divided into two departments that count respectively six multi-bar lathes able to work on diameters of 8mm to 45mm and six mono-spindle turning machines, some of which are numerically controlled and which can treat diameters of between 10mm and 60mm. Apart from this, there is also an active department for the restarting process which relies on transfer and milling machines studied especially for the finishing of pieces in the turning departments.

The amount of products that are accumulated each day made it necessary for the washing of particular items the purchase of a single basket metal washer which has been in use as of November 1995 and conforms to the foreseen authorizations and concessions.

The washing system purchased was used for 8 hours per day and consumed around 800kg of Soltene®, a solvent supplied by Dollmar, per year. The disposal of the waste was entrusted to a legally authorized firm.

As of 2005 this metal washer was equipped with EcoSystem®: a device which, when applied to industrial washers, drastically reduced the quantity of solvent contained in the distilling sludge.

Given the increase of the workload, Cometal bought in April 2007 another system already equipped with EcoSystem®.

At present both metal washers have a workload of 8 hours per day which guarantees double efficacy and a drastically reduced use of solvent.

Such a saving is calculated by the firm as over 30% of Soltene® per year for the two washers and a percentage of less that 3% in solvent weight present in the sludge which is extracted from the distiller.

The two systems require only an accurate cleaning of the distiller and the filters which are used to detain the production “shavings” which are extracted from them perfectly dry.

The constant chemical assistance supplied by Dollmar Laboratories means that it is possible to monitor constantly the amount of product used. The average addition of stabilizer is of 20 litres per year for the two systems.

In conclusion, Cometal declares it’s satisfaction in the choice made which allows it to organize the systems in an more efficient and versatile way, according to its production requirements.