Through the partnership with BicarJet company, the range of Dollmar Meccanica‘s optionals includes innovative environmental blasting and cleaning systems working with sodium bicarbonate.

The system provides the mixture and the right proportion of compressed air, water and sodium bicarbonate and the wide range of SOBIJET® machines, both with and without a cabin, satisfying the specific requirements of all applications.

These machines use a specific saline compound based on sodium bicarbonate made by Solvay and named Meltron®. This particular bicarbonate is 100% soluble, biodegradable, non-toxic and therefore not dangerous for operators and for the environment.

The granules, mixed with a minimum amount of water, are sprayed on the surface to be cleaned using compressed air at low pressure (approximately 3 bar). In this way it gets a chemical action due to the soothing effect of the sodium bicarbonate solution and a mechanical action of the undissolved granules. These do not abrades the surface because are destroyed by the impact due to the absorption of kinetic energy.

The solution is extremely effective and efficient in removing contaminants without causing damage to the treated surfaces, degreases in cold water without the aid of surfactants or solvents and has no corrosive or abrasive action.

The main fields of application are: rubber, automotive, shoes, thermoplastics, glass, chemical and petrochemical, mechanical, naval, printing, energy, food, building and restoration.