Vacuum closed-loop cleaning machines working with solvents:

hydrocarbons (Dollmarsol K® and Dollpar G® Line),
modified alcohols/glycol ethers (Dollmarsol G® Line)
super-stabilized perchloroethylene (Soltene™ and Dollper™ Line)

Logica_MultisolventThrough conversion kit, DM Logica MultiSolvent plants can be configured for operating with different types of solvents.

For example with the kit formed by PLC, water separator and activated carbon adsorption module, the system that works with hydrocarbons can operate with chlorinated solvents.

Configurable depending on the number of baskets (1 to 4 standard baskets) and the maximum load (50 to 200 kg). For larger loads of washing, the machines can be designed with special measures and baskets.

Mechanics, precision mechanical parts, automotive.

• ultrasonics systems
• automatic load systems

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