Dollmar Meccanica, through Finep division produces industrial washing plants for mechanical components.

How does it work?
It has a motorized roller conveyor for cycle starts where the operator can easily position the workpiece-holding baskets. Once positioned, the motorized roller conveyor transfers the first basket of the washing inside the containment fairing.

When the motorized roller will have transferred the basket in the correct position, the limit switch will send the appropriate signal to the automatic handling in place of washing plant service system which provides for the basket lifting the same for the subsequent translation and tank in the first tank adapted to recirculating prewash. At the end of the previously given feed rate, the basket will be raised and moved to the next position.

Output of the last stage of the handling system will deposit the basket on the motorized roller of the end of cycle. This will transfer it to the outside of the containment system fairing for the unloading of washed parts.


  1. Load
  2. Prewash at recirculation
  3. Ultrasonic cleaning
  4. static rinsing
  5. Rinse at turbulence
  6. Dry DEMI
  7. Blow drying
  8. Unload

The system can be modified depending on the needs of the customer washing. It works with detergents in aqueous solution developed by Dollmar Spa.

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